Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Symmetry has long been associated with the ratings of facial attractiveness. The nose is the central and most prominent feature of the face; a feature than comes in all shapes and sizes and is seen to determine beauty especially in profile.

Where there is a hump, bump or mis-shaped area of the nose this can vastly affect a person’s look and confidence, and is the reason that surgical rhinoplasty is one of the most popular of all cosmetic procedures. However, this is a fact that is sure to be altered by the improvements and advances in the field of non-surgical treatment that give an equally appealing and in some cases a less dramatic result.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a non-invasive treatment that carries less risk, is reversible and as a more cost-effective treatment is an option available to more people.

Dr Andrew Culbard

BDS (Gla) Dip MJDF, Dip Clin Orth, Dip Align

Treatment at a Glance

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RISKS & COMPLICATIONS: Asymmetry, infections, bruises and swelling, allergic reaction



Where there is a hump, bump or mis-shaped area of the nose this can vastly affect a person’s look and confidence. The non-surgical rhinoplasty can change that with remarkable results and in some cases with only one treatment with little or no aftercare.

Filler is placed in specific areas of the nose to smooth out the appearance of bumps or bends, and can be used to change the angle of the nasal tip by either raising or lowering it depending on the desired result.

Usually this is done without any anaesthetic, however local anaesthetic can be used if the patient so wishes.


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The Practitioner

Our likes and dislikes of facial features are entirely individual. As a practitioner I can inform those who dislike and want to alter the shape of or change particular aspects of their nose what they can expect from me, the products I use and the non–surgical treatments that I can provide to achieve the desired outcome.

This treatment requires the most skilled and experienced hands to ensure perfect results without complications.

Case Study

Patient, 27 years old, disliked the shape and size of her nose. Her desired outcomes were to raise the tip and strengthen the bridge of the nose to provide a stronger, smoother profile.

The procedure was performed in 20 minutes, without anaesthetic. Results are expected to last 12 months.

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