"Every treatment is a new partnership between us; founded by trust, integrity and understanding as we work together to achieve our desired outcome. It is this approach, coupled with technical expertise and cutting edge technology that will separate your experience with me from the norm. In order to achieve your dream of a healthy, beautiful smile we must go on a journey together. Every journey has a pathway, and the correct pathway for you has 4 easy steps."


Step 1: Treatment Planning

Our first meeting will be an information gathering session. We will confidentially discuss all of your expectations for the treatment, as well as collecting information from an oral health check, photographs, and dental imaging.

All of this information will then be collated and I will make a bespoke treatment plan for you with the final smile design in mind.


Step 2: Oral Health

Treatment starts with any health and biological problems that are detected at the examination. 

Next, we will ensure you normal function by balancing the bite, jaw position, muscles and posture. 

Finally, we will support the structure of the teeth. This can be done by moving teeth orthodontically, replacing missing teeth and restoring broken or weak teeth. 


Step 3: Design Stage

Every person is individual, and every smile is individual. 

The design for your smile is chosen by you, and guided by me. 

The smile design started from the moment we gathered our information. It is digitally guided, using all of your information, images and data.  

If we are changing the structure of the teeth further (adding or taking away) we would create a ‘Mock up’ on a model of your teeth, providing you with the opportunity to critique the design and adjustments can be made. Once we are happy with the model, we can transfer this into your mouth as a trial smile, allowing the opportunity to visualise and feel the new teeth. This is the final opportunity for changes, before we proceed to the final step. 

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Step 4: Delivery Stage

The final step once the mouth is healthy and stable and the design is finalised is to delivery the aesthetics. 

This can be in many forms, depending on your treatment. It could be as simple as a bleaching procedure, or fitting the teeth with crowns or veneers. 

[View some before and after cases of the treatments below]

Veneers & Crowns




Teeth Whitening


Gum Surgery




Composite Bonding