Invisalign orthodontics, whitening, composite bonding


12 Months


Meg is a bubbly young lady who presented with a concern about her dark tooth, worn edges and crowding. 

Although an extremley confident individual, she did shy away from big wide smiles at times as her teeth were bothering her. 

As a radio presenter, Meg speaks for a living and her biggest concern about any treatment would be any impingement of speech. We discussed many options from veneers and crowns , to bleaching and composite bonding however the one we ended up going with was to use invisalign to align the teeth first followed by composite veneers to cover the darkness and repair the worn edges. 

It has been a life changing treatment for Meg, as she nows beams through a smile that truly reflects her personailty and charisma.

"I cannot begin to explain how happy I am with my teeht. Andrew was absolutley incredible throughout, not only has he got some serious skill with making your teeth look amazing, he's also funny, so easy to get on with and makes the whole expereince so pleasant. I felt like I was dealing with a friend." 


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