Dental Veneers & Crowns

A leading figure in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Andrew Culbard is well renowned for producing some of the best looking veneer results from his clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dubai. His experience and artistic touch has developed a reputation which attracts patients from across the UK.


TREATMENT TIME 3-4 weeks completion   FULL RECOVERY Immediate   Number of Visits 3-4    RESULTS Immediately Visible  
RISKS  sensitivity, see treatment information ANAESTHETIC Local Anaesthetic  DURATION OF RESULTS Dental Veneers and crowns are permanent restorations of the teeth, however are usually replaced after 15-20 years. This varies significantly from one individual to another, depedning on many factors. 
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Veneers From £700
Crowns From £600  


In an ideal world, natural teeth are of a satisfactory shape and shade or colour, and in a position in the mouth which is ideal. In life, however, this ideal situation is not always present. Teeth can be discoloured or stained, twisted or rotated, crowded or spaced in combination such that the aesthetic appearance of the smile in unsatisfactory and in need of improvement. Dental Veneers can be used to lighten, brighten or straighten teeth where appropriate and can be used with careful planning to correct any or all of the above problems in combination.
Dr Andrew Culbard is one of Scotland's leading cosmetic dentists and is an extremley popular choice for patients looking for natural aesthetic results for their smile. His expertise in smile makeovers using porcelain veneers augurs for a smooth and comfortable experience, yeidling amzing natural results. His approach is however bespoke to every patient's expectations and a more "Hollywood smile" can be provided if this look is desired. Working with only the best ceramic laboratories and using state of the art technology, the extra time and expertise required to achieve such results is reflected in his prices. 


The photographs below show some examples of porcelain veneer smile makeovers. 
Before treatment...
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After treatment...
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After veneers or crowns are placed, extra care should be taken to maintain a meticulous oral hygiene regime as recommended by your dentist. Although ceramic is a strong material, avoid habits such as opening bottles or packets with the teeth, nail or pen biting. Patients who clench or grind their teeth may also be recommended to wear an occlusal appliance such as a night guard.  As always, regular dental check-ups are advised twice per year, along side hygienist appoints. During these visits the dentist will screen the restorations and surrounding dental health.   


Are Veneers detrimental to my teeth?

Veneers usually involve "preparation of the teeth" meaning that some tooth structure is removed permanently in order for the veneer to fit securely. This process should be done very carefully and minimally to ensure enough enamel is left on the tooth. Minimally invasive preparations, although still permanent, are vital to reduce the risk of sensitivity or nerve damage.

How long to veneers last?

Although we can never decalre that something will last forever, if veneeers and crowns are maintained and care for they can last for a number of decades. Replacement is usually elective, with patients choosing to change the veneers for a fresh look or be more age approprioate.