Patient Stories - Ryan Jack

Delivering healthy, happy smiles for my patients is very rewarding as it really does boost their confidence and quality of life and I’m delighted to have the ability to do that, it’s a very fulfilling experience.

Dr Andrew Culbard

BDS (Gla) Dip MJDF, Dip Clin Orth, Dip Align


Ryan is a professional football player for Rangers FC and Scotland. He presented to me through a family recommendation. Unhappy with his overall dental health, and the appearance of his smile, he was open to ideas of how to improve both. 

We discussed a number of options, including orthodontics with Invisalign, followed by composite bonding or veneers. 

Ryan’s journey started with invisalign, which we used to align the teeth and improve his function and occlusion. After 6 months of active treatment, Ryan decided that he would prefer to opt for veneers over further orthodontics and composite work. This decision was mainly due to the pursuit of a definitive aesthetic improvement which would  provide the greatest longevity, and provide optimum aesthetics. 

As always, a digital mock up was used with facially driven treatment planning. 

12 upper and 10 lower restorations were delivered including crowns, veneers and onlays. 


Invisalign, Crowns, Crown Lengthening and Veneers


12 Months

“I visited Andrew after being recommend through friends and family. 

Initially I was very self conscious of my smile, and after a consultation with Andrew he reassured me towards to best treatment options.

We started with Invisalign, to correct some bite issues and straighten the teeth before finishing off with porcelain veneers. 

I’m delighted with the outcome and overall experience which has given me the confidence to smile! I would highly recommend Andrew and his team at Advanced Dentistry.”

Ryan Jack

Cosmetic Dentistry Patient