Patient stories

Delivering healthy, happy smiles for my patients is very rewarding as it really does boost their confidence and quality of life and I’m delighted to have the ability to do that, it’s a very fulfilling experience.

Dr Andrew Culbard

BDS (Gla) Dip MJDF, Dip Clin Orth, Dip Align


Jason presented to me following recommendation from a family member. 

He was certain that porcelain veneers were his treatment of choice, as he desired the highest aesthetic outcome with low maintenance. 

At the consultation, I had informed Jason that his current deep bite ( where the top teeth overlap the bottom) presented a challenge for a veneer only treatment and would lead to a compromised final result. As such, I recommended using Invisalign initially to open the bite and align the teeth. After alignment, whitening and bonding was presented as an alternative option, however, Jason was set on the idea of veneers and I agreed this would provide an excellent aesthetic outcome and could be done with minimal preparation of his teeth. 

The results have been fantastic and are expected to last decades, with great stability and little maintenance. 


Invisalign & Porcelain veneers


12 Months

Client Testimonial

I Mchugh

“I cannot begin to explain how happy I am with my teeth. Andrew was absolutely incredible throughout, not only has he got some serious skill with making your teeth look amazing, he’s also funny, so easy to get on with and makes the whole experience so pleasant. I felt like I was dealing with a friend.”