The person behind the dentist...

Born in the wonderful city of Glasgow I grew up in a small village on the outskirts of the city. It was only in my university years and beyond that I discovered the real beauty of the city, the architecture, the people and the diverse cultures and traditions that make it so special. It is a city loved by its people and now living in the city I am proud to call it my home."

I can say the same too of the small coastal town of North Berwick on the east coast where I spent my early teens and high school years enjoying the picturesque beaches and practicing golf on the world famous courses.

Golfing was almost a daily enjoyment, these days it is more a rare pleasure with the constraints of working life but I continue to play as often as opportunity allows. 

Striking the correct work life balance is key to one’s health and professional performance and I enjoy time socialising with friends, playing sports and gym workouts. My biggest love is travelling and I am fortunate to having had the opportunity to travel to many wonderful countries for the purpose of both business and pleasure.


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I studied Dentistry at The University of Glasgow and 2 years after graduation I was awarded membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 

I went on to pursue post graduate training in a number of specialties to ensure a diverse accolade of knowledge and skills. Alongside cosmetic dentistry, I discovered the world of facial aesthetics and instantly knew I had found another niche that stirred my passion and complemented Dentistry.  Four years on I continue to devote my efforts to continuous improvement in both areas.

The UK was my home for 27 year, it gave me a lot to be grateful for and a lot to leave behind. However anyone who knows me will agree that I have always had an appetite to learn and attain new skills and a hunger for a new challenge.

Seeking and providing the best innovative treatments for my patients is always my priority and it was this coupled with my desire to travel that led me to Dr. Roze Clinic Dubai in November 2017. It is amazing clinic with a team of talented and forward thinking professionals and I was both excited and honoured to be joining the team. "




My beautiful girlfriend Victoria, also a Dentist in training, travels almost everywhere with me. Here we are at the Private Dentistry Awards 2018 in Mayfair, London. 



It was a pleasure to be awarded the title of "Best Young Denitst 2018" at the prestigous Private Dentistry Awards UK. Many great young dentists have inspired and worked hard to earn this title, and I'm delighted to be another ambassador to our profession."