Lockdown life has separated all of us from so many things we normally take for granted: family, friends, colleagues, even just a reliable supply of flour and chopped tomatoes (in Glasgow at least). 

However, if you’re accustom to maintaining your appearance with aesthetic treatments, self-isolation is shedding light on a whole new set of worries.

With the UK’s cosmetic clinics shut down and no access to Botox, fillers, and high-skin treatments, there are plenty of men and women panicking about what they’re going to look like in three months’ time when their treatments have worn off: an aesthetic endemic that I’m calling “Lockdown Face.”

This can be further compounded with the pressure to ‘glow up’ during lockdown – from at home workouts and fad diets, to influencers with flawless skin all over Instagram,  it’s hard when you’re used to a regular appointment to help you feel good about yourself.

I’ve been inundated with enquiries from patients, new and existing, who are worried about their appearance and wondering when they can come in for treatment. I’m trying to keep things light-hearted, but there is a real underlying issue as some people really do rely on these treatments and going without can leave them feeling insecure and perhaps unattractive to partners and those around them.

The work I do is very subtle and natural – to look at my patients you wouldn’t know that they’ve had anything done. But by the time lockdown has been lifted, Botox will have almost certainly worn off for most and those who attend regular skin and beautification treatments may also feel like their appearance is not as fresh and energised as usual. 

Some people have reported a concern about their partner “seeing their real face,” while others are worried their migraines and headache will return as their Botox wears off (yes, Botox treatments do have the added benefit of migraine relief to some patients). 

Experts in the industry have highlighted a concern around the mental health and wellbeing of the public and I believe it is the responsibility of all practitioners to be available to advise patients correctly, reassure them, and look out for anyone who might be struggling. 

Although I appreciate that while treatments wearing off can create huge anxiety for patients, it’s important to keep things in perspective with a worldwide pandemic killing hundreds of thousands. Therefore, I advise that people remain patient and do not break the law and seek out treatments from clinics that may be going against government guidelines during the lockdown.

The truth is, having a break from treatments and focusing on the important things in life: family, health, and internal happiness, is probably a good remedy for us all right now.  

There are things you can do at home to help get your skin in the best possible condition ahead of your next appointment.

  1. Drink plenty of water: Ideally 2-3 litres per day. 
  2. Nurture your body:  Having a healthy diet will do wonders for your skin.
  3. Lifestyle Choices: Smoking and excessive drinking are just some of the things to avoid. 
  4. SPF: Make sure you always wear sunscreen. 
  5. Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and protect:  Having a good skincare routine will help keep your keen hydrated and protected.

So until the clinics re-open in June or July (we hope)  my advice is to focus on your health by eating healthy, drinking lots of water, getting lots of rest, good sleep – so once this lockdown is lifted you have the best skin and best attitude when you attend your next appointment.

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